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Students Gain Hands-On Experience During Time Off


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Students gave Dean Choe details about their summer experiences over dinner.

Shadowing surgeons, interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, taking the MCAT and participating in research on and off campus are just a few of the many experiences Seaver students added to their resumes during their time off. Hear from freshmen through seniors about what they have done between semesters:

eileen-choe-img_2701_2“Over the summer I did an internship with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a parts engineering intern. My main project this summer was analyzing data for a device aging characterization study for a thermopile chip that is on an earth-orbiting mission scheduled to launch in 2021.”
–Eileen Choe ’18, Computer Science major, Applied Mathematics minor
katherine-collins_img_2596“This summer I took the MCAT exam and applied to medical schools. Having the Pre-Health committee as a resource during this whole process relieved some of the major stress involved.”
–Katherine Collins ’17, Health and Human Sciences major
kathy-merkl_img_2645I participated in a mathematics research experience for undergraduates at the Sam Houston State University in Texas. My research project for the whole nine weeks centered on Morse Theory. I loved meeting math majors from all over the country and finally experiencing what it means to do math research.”
–Katherine Merkl ’18, Mathematics major
ofelia-pulido_img_2625“The main cause of my growth and success this summer was because of the ACCESS program [Seaver’s learning community for first year students]. It helped me a ton with preparing for school and the work load I should be expecting for my major in Mathematics.”
–Ofelia Pulido ’20, Mathematics major
dillon-rinauro_img_2617_2“I participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program with Dr. Moffet, beginning the initial phase of a long term research project on diabetes and another on cancer. We hope the results of the diabetes study can effectively prove the direct causation of type II diabetes from the aggregation of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide.”
–Dillon Rinauro ’19, Biochemistry major
katherine-scheker“I spent 10 weeks at UCLA conducting research on sex differences in Statin drug side effects in the Human Genetics lab. I did an oral presentation as well as a poster presentation at UCLA at the end of it.”
—Katherine Scheker ’18, Biology
emma-strand_img_5468"I accompanied Dr. Wes Dowd in Monterey, CA at Hopkins Marine Station for marine ecophysiology research. We spent two months between field and lab work with mussels and copepods as a continuation of our school year work. I have a personal website that outlines some of the things we were doing!”
—Emma Strand ’18, Biology major. Check out her website at
mackenzie-tjogas-img_2688“I participated in LMU's SURP program along with Megan Karbowski and Carleen Petrosian. Our faculty advisor was Dr. Marino. We researched the lack of women in computer science, and how to increase interest in the respective fields for young women.”
—Mackenzie Tjogas ’18, Computer Science major, Psychology minor