Civil Engineering Professor Stresses Mentoring

Capture4 - Civil Engineering Professor Stresses Mentoring

Bill Trott, professor of civil engineering, has worked at Loyola Marymount University for 36 years. Asked about his lengthy tenure, Trott points to continuity and contact. “We have developed a network of former students and professional contacts,” Trott said. “I’ve been able to set up job interviews for a lot of students and graduates. And now I’m teaching the children of students I had in class when I started.” He added that mentoring is an important aspect of teaching. He is most impressed with how LMU has a close-knit feeling among the students and his colleagues. “The job here gives me more time to spend with students. Every class is unique and has its own personality, so every semester is fascinating.” Trott’s area of expertise is water distribution and flood control. He got his start as a graduate student at UCLA, when he was hired to study water issues on an American Indian reservation near Escondido, Calif.