Kimlin Johnson ’95, M.S.E. ’00: Alumna Finds Outlet for Three Passions: Service, Math and Science

Kimlin Johnson ’95, M.S.E. ’00 credits her professional success to the many challenges and rewards of her job. Johnson has worked for Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County for 15 years. For most of her tenure, Johnson has worked with wastewater, and she now does audits as well. Johnson said she pursued a degree in science and engineering because she loves science and math. Now, KimlinJohnson - Kimlin Johnson ’95, M.S.E. ’00: Alumna Finds Outlet for Three Passions: Service, Math and Scienceshe uses science and math at work daily. Johnson also finds her job meaningful because she makes a positive difference in the environment. Recycled wastewater is used for industrial, commercial and recreational water needs. The Sanitation Districts are divided into 24 units and serve 5.7 million people in L.A. County. Johnson is a project engineer for the Industrial Waste Section. She was always interested in wastewater, she said, and “the chemical side of things.” She has been working with the Wastewater Management Department since 1999. As a student at LMU, Johnson was the vice president of activities for student government and a resident adviser. As an alumna, Johnson continues to contribute to the LMU community. In 2001 – 2002, Johnson was the youngest black female president of the LMU Alumni Association Board. And Johnson comes to campus each year to talk about her professional experiences with Science and Engineering Community Outreach Program students. Johnson, who married an electrical engineer and has two young children, believes that a balance of work, family and service to others makes life fulfilling. She’s devoted to LMU and continues service to Seaver College and the university. According to Johnson, “LMU is the center for all things.”