Leslie Wall ‘07 Builds on Foundation Established at LMU

Leslie Wall ‘07 is a construction manager responsible for all aspects relating to the remodel of an administration building at the Hyperion Treatment Plant in Playa del Rey, Calif. Although she is fairly new in her role as a construction manager, she knew the treatment plant from her student days. “I was already familiar with the Hyperion plant. We took a tour of it during my undergrad studies and my professors told many stories about it,” Wall said. “The engineering program at Loyola Marymount University has a strong focus on wastewater and it has become a great asset to my career.” The administration building will be turned into an environmental learning center to inform students about the wastewater process. Wall has been instrumental in managing the scope, budget and schedule of the project. “It’s been a great learning experience and it increases my knowledge in many areas, including electrical, mechanical, structural and landscape,” Wall said. “It’s exciting to see it all come together and to be a part of it.”

LeslieWall - Leslie Wall ‘07 Builds on Foundation Established at LMU

work for city of l.a

Since she graduated from LMU, Wall has been working as associate engineer for the city of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering in the environmental engineering division. In addition to the Hyperion project, she has worked on several projects at the Los Angeles-Glendale Reclamation Plant and the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant. Wall credits LMU with providing her with the foundation necessary to be successful in her career. “LMU’s engineering program is really strong and well-respected,” Wall said. “Although the classroom and working in the field are very different experiences, the program exposes students to what the engineering field is truly all about.” Wall became interested in engineering after participating in LMU’s Science and Engineering Community Outreach Program (SECOP) while she was at Chino High School. SECOP, the two-week program, encourages the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In appreciation for all the help she received in SECOP and at LMU, Wall is active in the program, encouraging and mentoring students. “I have done nothing on my own,” Wall said. “It has only been the community around me that has helped me get to where I am. LMU has been a second family to me. It’s very important to me now to help students along the way like I was helped.”