Paul Hauffen ‘94, A Mentor of Service

PaulHauffen - Paul Hauffen ‘94, A Mentor of ServicePaul Hauffen ‘94 knows a lot about what it takes to be successful. He is chief executive officer and president of IDModeling, Inc., a service company specializing in hydraulic model solutions for water and wastewater utilities. For the past few years, he has returned to campus to share that experience with graduating engineering majors. “I tell students they need to be open to learning, be prepared to work hard, and help others succeed,” Hauffen said. “Each should strive to be a person who creates positive experiences and outcomes in and out of the workplace. There will always be room for people like that, regardless of the industry.” Hauffen got the idea to start IDModeling while at a previous job for a water resources software engineering company. Based on his experiences, he noticed that there was a niche market for a company whose expertise was creating and implementing hydraulic models for utility systems. Fortunately, Hauffen was already familiar with the concepts of water systems and computer modeling, which he was first exposed to at Loyola Marymount University. “The engineering program emphasizes the practical applications of our discipline, not just the theories,” Hauffen said. “Some of the projects were directly applicable to my career, right out of school, while others provided valuable reference points as to how they could get completed.” IDModeling has national clients ranging from large utilities to engineering consulting firms. Hauffen said he is grateful to provide a service to public and private companies that in turn allows them to better serve their communities. “The performance of water and wastewater systems to support the livelihoods and growth of a community tends to be greatly overlooked. The role of these systems in daily activities such as taking a shower, washing dishes, or watering your lawn is typically unappreciated because the infrastructure is primarily underground and out of sight,” Hauffen said. “It’s extremely rewarding to support the health and growth of communities by providing these critical behindthe-scenes solutions.” Hauffen said that giving back has been an important theme in his life, something he learned from a Jesuit education. Prior to LMU, he attended Loyola High School in Los Angeles. Hauffen said that his professors taught him more than just engineering. “They weren’t just professors, but personal mentors of service,” Hauffen said. “There was a definite emphasis on the person and the value of a well-rounded education. The education, personal impressions, and relationships gained from my time with LMU have continued to support me even today.