Department Chair Welcome

Hawley Almstedt 200x300 - Department Chair Welcome

It is with great enthusiasm that we launch our first newsletter from the Department of Health and Human Science at LMU! In the last three years, we have transitioned from the Department of Natural Science to the Department of Health and Human Sciences and our last Natural Science majors will graduate this semester. The transition from Natural Sciences has gone smoothly, and we are looking forward to exciting times ahead. Our department is currently comprised of seven fulltime faculty, two staff members, approximately 14 part-time faculty, and 163 students presently majoring in HHSC.

This summer we are excited to be moving into the new Life Sciences Building. The sustainably built, three-story structure sits just west of Pereira Hall (in the old Seaver parking lot) and will be the centerpiece of the Frank R. Seaver Science Complex. The Human Performance Lab, Sports Medicine Lab, Health Science Lab and an Anatomy Teaching Lab will all be located on the first floor of the new building, right down the hall from our offices. The large, open laboratories will be state of the art, providing an outstanding learning environment for students and an ideal setting for research. Please stay tuned for more information about an open house once we are settled in our new space.

The Health and Human Science major enjoys robust enrollment with about 40 students in each class of Freshman through Seniors. Our graduates are well prepared to enter the work force or pursue graduate study in a wide variety of fields including physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, nursing, public health, athletic training and more. The Department will congratulate its last class of Athletic Training majors when they graduate from the Athletic Training Program in May of 2017.

HHSC continues impressive research activity as evidenced by our lengthy list of publications and presentations over the past year. The faculty do an outstanding job of incorporating undergraduates into their research agendas. In addition, we have teamed with colleagues across campus as well as the local community in research partnerships that have been outstanding for highlighting the capabilities of the Department. Get to know our full-time faculty and staff as well as our part-time faculty, we are blessed with exceptional people in every position.

One area we want to incorporate into the newsletter is Alumni Happenings, including degrees completed, new jobs, family changes, etc. Please email us at to let us know what is happening in your life after LMU.

Should you be interested in learning of ways to financially support the Health and Human Sciences department, please contact Lynn Witherspoon, Director of Development (; 310 338-7856).

We hope you enjoy what is planned to be a semiannual newsletter, highlighting the happenings within the department. Should you have any questions or want further information about the department, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 338-7885 or via email at

Hawley Almstedt, Ph.D., R.D.N.
Department Chair, Health and Human Sciences