Engineering and Beyond

The growth of interdisciplinary education in the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering is as strong as our commitment to the Jesuit and Marymount traditions that guide us. The demands of the global economy often require engineers to work comfortably outside a single field. The broad-based education students receive at Loyola Marymount University prepares them for productive futures no matter where they are or what new developments come their way.

Our students’ class work is augmented by community service projects and a research- based approach to undergraduate education. This research aspect is highlighted in the article on the atomic force and scanning electron microscopes used by students from various disciplines.

The dedicated involvement of our professors in classrooms and laboratories builds higher value into the curriculum. Engineering students benefit from the direct guidance of our professors, many of whom come from engineering industries or maintain close ties to those industries. our location, within reach of dozens of high-tech and aerospace companies that employ approximately 50,000 engineers, gives students professional role models to follow.

LMU engineering students typically participate in at least one internship as an undergraduate, affording them experiences that lead to promising careers in a broad range of fields.

While we celebrate the university’s centennial and rich history, we also have engineering’s future firmly in focus.