Lauren Magee ’15 performs research with Prof. Bargagliotti

Lauren Magee, who will graduate in Spring 2015 with a bio-mathematics major, continues her work on Project-SET with Dr. Anna Bargagliotti during Summer 2014.  Lauren has completed a research paper highlighting the results of a survey taken of LMU math students this past year and created instructional videos (available on outlining how to approach and solve problems regarding sampling variability and linear regression.  To test whether these videos were successful, Lauren administers a pre- and post-test to an upper and lower division statistics course at LMU.  The results of these tests showed that participants were gaining confidence in their solving capabilities after the videos, but they were still having trouble effectively solving the problems for each topic.  Because of this and the misconceptions observed among participants regarding these topics, her videos will be edited and re-uploaded to provide a more holistic and informed instructional video.