Tips to Healthier Eating

We’ve all been there. It’s the New Year and we resolve to eat healthier. Fast forward a month—how is that resolution faring? While 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only about eight percent actually achieve them, according to Forbes.

To help you maintain a healthier you in 2015, Health and Human Sciences Professor Hawley Almstedt provided a few tips to help stay the course. Writing in LMU Magazine, Almstedt recommended eating more produce, eating less meat, eating three servings of high-calcium food per day, eating ocean-friendly fish twice weekly, and eliminating or reducing sugar-sweetened beverages, among others. Read the full article here.

Almstedt also recommended 10 super foods for healthier eating, including Greek yogurt, dark green leafy vegetables, garbanzo beans, nuts, mushrooms, avocados, quinoa and beets. Read the full list here.