Life Sciences Building – Green Roof & Teaching Terrace

One of the prominent features of the new Life Sciences building is the green roof. In this latest video in the Life Sciences building series, watch how construction of the green roof is progressing. Seaver College professors John Dorsey and Philippa Drennan also share how they plan to incorporate the green roof and teaching terrace into their research.

2 thoughts on “Life Sciences Building – Green Roof & Teaching Terrace”

  1. It will be really interesting to see the effect that the green roof has on water runoff quality versus the runoff water of the standard roof. The information gleaned from testing the two water samples will indeed be valuable in seeing the effects of water draining into Ballona Creek and our oceans. Along with thermal efficiency, CO2 conversion, and beauty, this may be another benefit of green roofs.

  2. john, love the video! I see we have gown white together! Glad to see you are teaching at LMU. Keep up the good work.
    Mike miller

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