2016 Rudinica Award Winners

Elizabeth ’79 and Michael Rudinica ’75, M.S. ’79 established an endowment in 2007 to recognize two meritorious faculty members each year.  Mike shared that his motivation for the endowment stemmed … Read more

Alumni and Department Happenings

Our Lab Associate, Liam Shorrock (‘14) and the Kristen Butin (’12) were married in January at the Sacred Heart Chapel.  Kristen will graduate from the LMU Law School program in … Read more

Seaver College Hosts Eight Graders

Seaver College welcomed eighth grade science students from Wright Middle School STEAM and Magnet earlier this spring. The event took place in Sunken Gardens, where students engaged in some hands-on learning … Read more

Partnering Towards Climate Change

In the race to address climate change and sustainability, Loyola Marymount University may be educating a new breed of Salvadoran scientists to help El Salvador address the effects of and … Read more

Defining Gene Regulatory Networks

A web app called GRNsight is the culmination of interdisciplinary collaboration among biology, computer science and mathematics faculty and students. GRNsight allows users to visualize models of gene regulatory networks … Read more