Aspiring Neurosurgeon Excels at Premed Program at Howard University

Xaida Wright is a junior biochemistry major looking to attend Medical school upon graduating from LMU.

Last summer, junior biochemistry major and aspiring neurosurgeon Xaida Wright participated in the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at Howard University. She recounted, “It was so eye-opening to be around people who look like you and have experienced similar things. It made my experience that much more heartfelt and I developed a strong connection with my peers.”

Xaida observed surgeries performed at Howard University Hospital and shadowed psychiatrists from whom she learned the importance of building personal connections with patients. Also, Xaida’s project, which illuminated a narrative about the life of an African-American man whose remains were given to Howard University for scientific study, was selected for publication in the university’s multidisciplinary academic journal, The Backbone. Her project is currently undergoing peer review.