Michael E. Mulvihill, Ph.D.: Securing A Legacy of Education and Inspiration

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Michael E. Mulvihill, Loyola University Class of 1959

In his remarkable 40-year career as an educator and mentor at Loyola Marymount University, civil engineering professor Dr. Michael E. Mulvihill inspired countless students.  Mike retired as Professor Emeritus in 2006, and continues to make an impact at LMU, serving on the Seaver Dean’s Executive Advisory Board, tutoring student athletes, advising former students, and enthusiastically supporting alumni and sporting events on campus.

Mike has received many accolades, including Teacher of the Year, the university’s Distinguished Alumni Award, commendations from the County and City and a spot on the Seaver College Wall of Fame.  But for Mike, it always comes back to the students. “The real advantage of being at LMU is you really get to know your students,” said Mulvihill, who made a point to know each student by name. “I had to know who the students were. I wanted to help them understand their potential and how to pursue that potential. That’s what makes the teaching profession so exciting.”

To many students, Mulvihill has been not only a teacher but also an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend. Known for his mantra, “PMA,” or positive mental attitude, Mike saw the importance of developing technical expertise alongside skills like communication and teamwork.

For 25 years he served as academic advisor to all freshman engineering students, steering many young scholars forward on their career paths. “One of the most exciting parts of the job was to see the growth and development of the students.”

Destined to be a Lion, Mike, class of 1959, feels a strong connection to LMU that began with the announcement of his birth in the 1937 Loyolan; his dedication continues to this day.

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