2018 Engineering Capstone Design Showcase

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Engineering seniors and graduate students presented their capstone projects to industry representatives and the Loyola Marymount University community at the Engineering Capstone Design Showcase held on Friday, April 27. These group projects ranged from developing a vehicle for the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge to developing an optimum laser for ultrafast biomedical imaging systems. Seniors and graduates channeled the lessons they learned over the course of their education into the projects they developed from concept through to manufacturing. Below you’ll find a full list of the students who presented and their projects.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Wave Power Generation – Tyler Johnson, Spencer Colburn, Matthew Novotny, Michael Schwarz, Shane Farley, Stephen Ostrowski
  • Assistive Tech – Anna Hodgson
  • SAE Aero Design West Junior Team – Sean Nevin, Donna Shoeffler, Riley Evers, Jason Lumsden, Cameron LaMack, Alexa Poulakos, Siraj Zaman
  • Fatigue properties of Aluminum Lithium Alloy 2195 – Keren Shen
  • Graduate Assistantship Research
  • PCB Printer – Lee McCrory, Luis Guiverra, Marco Ramirez, Alex Lee
  • LM Electric Vehicle Initiative – Adam Betancourt, Claudia Alvarez, Kaylee Asai, Alexander Bourgeois, Kristian Buendia, Ricardo Martin Del Campo, Daniel Joseph, Christopher LeMieux, Tony Nguyen, Jacob Orlita, Waseem Radi, Keola Ramirez, Kelly Tovalin, Rosalio Vidaurri
  • ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) – Cristina Zebeljan, Nicolas Breceda, Adrian Cheng, Nicholas Cordero, Melissa Dougherty, Alex Hendricks, William Hohorst, Brandon Kim, Sara Kim, Gustavo Padilla, Joshua Villalobos
  • Novel hole shapes for optimized film cooling in turbine blades – Zachary Stiegler, Tyler Keller, Andrea De Oca

Civil Engineering

  • SAE Aero Design West (AirLIONS) – Carrie Deline, Joanne Webb, Madison Piechowski, Emily Carlson, Ye Thura Hein, Gregory Smith, Clayton Wikoff, Rad Guhit, Aaishat Kelani, Konstantinos Kaplanis
  • Water retention and pollutant sequestration in the Ballona Creek Rain Garden, Culver City, California – Jamie Burkard
  • A 30 year assessment of fecal indicator bacteria (E. Coli, enterococci) along the shoreline of Santa Monica Bay, California – Chris Enyart
  • Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on the California Current and Upwelling – Kevin McGee
  • Bridge – Alicia Esquivel, Shannon Lee, Ravel Odian
  • Community Water Supply-Anza – Elizabeth Horejsi, Megan Blacet
  • 2-Story Fire Station – Jordan Moore, Salvador Sanchez, Jimmy Vivar
  • Sport Stadium – Ike Botita, Valeria Munoz, Jacquelin Plascencia
  • Storm Drain and Water Quality Basin – Miki Kusaka, Taylor Ann Masuda, Lindsey Matoi
  • Water Supply Dam and Treatment Plant – Ally Davis, Nathaniel Enriquez, Taylor Mercado
  • Underground Parking Garage – Husam Alrefai, Henry Dadsetan, Cho Win Htein
  • 3-Story Office Building (Large) – Steve Boyer, Cho Win Htein, Juan Vazquez
  • Flood Control Dam Optimization for Water Conservation – Mariana Alifa, Janessa Mendoza, Madeline Wiegel,

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • Counting Static Targets using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle On-The-Fly and Autonomously – Dhruvil Darji
  • Client Server From Scratch – Thomas O’Brien
  • Developing an Optimum Laser for Ultrafast Biomedical Imaging Systems – Jay Bhaisasna, Phillip T. Steiner
  • GRN sight – Eileen Choe, Jen Shin
  • Big Boi Bot – Daniel Sjarif, Anthony Herco, Nick Sunga
  • Music Palace – Jay Patel, Elizabeth Shen
  • OneUp part deux – Justin Lee, Khiem Lu
  • Destinate – Arash Lari, Mitchell Simon
  • Text Booked – Jordan Woods
  • VR Interactivity Pack – Andrea Carver
  •  Med Record – Abdulaziz Asiri
  • Two Bit – Zach Fitzpatrick
  • Doodle Fight – Kevin Metelus
  • Automotive Online – Jordan Sanders
  • Lung Nodule Detection using Deep Learning based on Convolution Neural Networks – Shujian Hao, Nanyan Zheng
  • Ghost Labrynth – Rony Aguilar
  • Defogger – Max Williams
  • Ancur – Megan Karbowski
  • Symbolic Logic – Anthony Escobar
  • Purple Run – Mckenzie Tjogas
  • Panel Jumper – Alex Verdin
  • Trailze – Carleen Petrosian