Noyce Scholars Present Posters to Science Students

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The NSF-funded Noyce summer internship program hosted its annual poster session in late October in the Life Sciences Building first floor lobby. The Noyce program is funded by NSF to encourage STEM majors to consider careers in K-12 education. Each summer interns from the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering teach in informal science education programs at five partner institutions: the California Science Center, the Los Angeles Zoo, Heal the Bay, the Cabrillo Aquarium and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

The posters presented describe various special projects that the interns undertake in addition to their direct interactions with the visitors and campers. Here is a list of Noyce scholars and the titles of their posters:

  • Francesca Briones, health and human sciences major, “Raising Awareness of Living Amphibians, Invertebrates and Reptiles”
  • Katerina Harrop, chemistry major, and Maryela Mendoza, civil engineering major, “Science & Engineering Partnership a Stinging Success!”
  • Harrison Lancaster, mechanical engineering major, and Alexis Lucas, health and human sciences major, “Have You Been Eating Fishy Sushi?”
  • Sol Lewites, biology major, “Lost in Translation: Strengthening Bilingual Resources at the Los Angeles Zoo”
  • DeLisa Madere, biology major, “Where are the Women Engineers?”
  • Daniel Pascoe, physics major, “Fantastic Physics”
  • Julia Pinamont, liberal studies major with a science concentration, “Human Impact on Coral Reef Ecosystems”
  • Nicole Villa, biology major, “Importance of Water Chemistry on the Health of Aquatic Animals”