Raytheon Seeks Out Talent at Campus Recruiting Event

“I am looking for talent, and I know I will find it here,” said Raytheon Company’s Noel Ellis, at a Loyola Marymount University recruitment event held on campus in October. Nearly two dozen Raytheon employees, many of them LMU alumni, participated in the event and spoke with students about their company and its many opportunities.

Ellis, director of university relations at Raytheon, kicked off the evening with an overview of the company, sharing Raytheon’s core vision, values, history and breadth. He acknowledged that Raytheon employs a number of great employees who graduated from LMU. Ellis was at the event in search of future Raytheon employees.

Elena Martinez, a first year mathematics major, hopes to be one of those employees. The alumni presence at the company surprised Martinez. “Seeing and talking with our alumni is motivating because it makes me realize that I can one day work for a company like this.” Martinez is well on her way, as she secured an internship with Raytheon after taking advantage of the networking events sponsored by the university.

Joanna Fregoso, a graduate student earning a master’s in Systems Engineering, participated in the event to practice networking and to explore opportunities. The event encouraged Fregoso to apply at Raytheon, especially after learning about Raytheon’s leadership development program. “Rotational jobs really interest me. I can see myself working here,” said Fregoso.

Michelle Hauer, who earned her degree in engineering physics in 1997 and later taught at LMU for a couple of years, said she currently works with a lot of great alumni. She also emphasized the inclusive aspect of Raytheon. “It’s a great time to be a woman engineer, all doors are open!” said Hauer, who is also a member of the Society of Women Engineers. “The company is also diverse and that is important to me.”

Electrical engineering alumnus Todd Moore also stressed the diversity at Raytheon and the company’s desire to give back to the community, an emphasis familiar to LMU students and alumni. “Since working here, I really started to enjoy giving back to the community. My favorite organizations I get to work with are the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement, and Great Minds in Stem,” said Moore.

This event was the second Raytheon event organized by Seaver College and Career and Professional Development. The first one was in April 2018 and resulted in several full-time hires.

Communication studies major Jordan Lindsey is a communications assistant with the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering.

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