Women’s History Month Featuring: Sunai Kim

Each year March is dedicated to Women’s History Month. LMU Seaver College is celebrating this month by featuring some of the amazing women in our college, who are extremely successful in their fields. Cheers to celebrating Seaver’s own wonder women! Here we feature a Q and A with Sunai Kim, assistant professor of civil engineering & environmental science.

maya - Women's History Month Featuring: Sunai Kim
Sunai Kim credits Dr. Maya Angelou for inspiring her.

Q: Please share with us why you wanted to pursue your Ph.D. and work in higher education?

A: I pursued my Ph.D. to learn more about structural engineering and to give myself an option to teach later. Teaching was one of my childhood dreams and I really enjoy learning, so earning a Ph.D. and then working in higher education were great options for me. I wanted to work with young adults in higher education to help them shape their lives and careers in a positive way.

Q: When you advise students, what words of wisdom do you find yourself sharing consistently with different students over the years?

A: I tell my students to work hard so that they can reach (or get closer to) their potential.  

Q: As a woman in STEM, is there a woman that you’ve looked up to or who has influenced the work you do? Who is that person? And how did they influence you?

A: I’ve always admired Dr. Maya Angelou. I love that she is a smart, strong, and poised woman.

Screenwriting major Abigail Braccia and entrepreneurship major Sara Appelqvist contributed to the Women’s History Month series. This article was written by communications major Jordan Lindsey.