2019 Engineering Capstone Design Showcase

Engineering seniors and graduate students presented their capstone projects to industry representatives and the Loyola Marymount University community at the Engineering Capstone Design Showcase held on Friday, May 3 in the Life Sciences Building. These group projects ranged from creating an audio production instrument to designing an electric vehicle to compete in Shell’s Eco‐Marathon competition. Seniors and graduates channeled the lessons they learned over the course of their education into the projects they developed from concept through to production. Below you’ll find a full list of the students who presented and their projects.

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Civil Engineering

  • 3-Story Office – Pablo Chavez and Talal AlSairafi
  • Bridge – Frank Musso and Matthew Gooden
  • Hotel and Pool – Mike Suehisa and Matthew Lasley
  • Storm Drain and Water Quality Basin – Carlos Martin del Campo and Karlie Garrity
  • Tall Building – Sage Rodriguez and Brennan Ober
  • Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Levee Through-Seepage Considering End-Around Effects – Paige Hval
  • Underground Parking Structure – Isabella Ontiveros, Valeria Ceja, and Zaina Zainal
  • Water Supply Dam – Paige Hval and Blake Kloczl
  • Water Treatment Plant No.1 – BPWD – Salman Alsalloum and Fahad Alaiban
  • Water Treatment Plant No.2 – Hesperia – Sunshine Saucedo, Jack Weil, and Alfredo Telona
  • Wind Tunnel Simulation of Design Aerodynamic Wind Loads on the Surfaces of a Model Building with a Flat Roof: Near- Uniform Flow Conditions – Erinn Crowell, Salma Kamal, Mary Laurance, Andrei Pineda, and Jason Lumsden
  • Wind Tunnel Simulation of Design Aerodynamic Wind Loads on the Surfaces of a Model Building with a Flat Roof: Obstructed Flow Conditions – Erinn Crowell, Salma Kamal, Mary Laurance, Andrei Pineda, and Jason Lumsden

Electrical Engineering

  • Audio Production Instrument – Austin Pohlman and Clay Sauter
  • Broadband Radio Frequency Power Amplifier (collaboration with Ophir RF Inc.) – Emmanuel Joseph Talusan and Ryan Pascual
  • Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Communication (collaboration with Aerospace crop.) – Alexander Lee, Connor Cusi-Asquith, and Nicolas Wells
  • LMU Motorsports (collaboration with Mechanical Engineering) – Adam Reinart and Brian Palmigiano
  • Microplastic Detection in Living Organisms Using Real-Time Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) (collaboration with Department of Biology) – Elizabeth Fanous and Laura Anne Valdepenas
  • Smart Fiber Spooler (collaboration with Optical Innovations Inc.) – Joseph Gorman and Nicholas Cabarse
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aero Design West (collaboration with Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering) – Ali AlTamimi and Anthony Modica

Mechanical Engineering

  • All‐Terrain Vehicle to compete in the 2019 SAE Baja competition (California) – Loren Johnson, Michael Mudy, Keith Murphy, Nathan Sarabia, Alexander Schultz, Matthew Springer, Christopher Thoman, and Thant Win Mya
  • Electric vehicle to compete in Shell Eco‐Marathon competition – Eric Aceves, Hashim El-Halees, Ngoc Fuhr, Constantine Glafkides, Benjamin Kunz, Andrew Nelson, Roland Nilarp, Enrico Sala, and Evan Triantafyllos
  • Giant scale radio‐controlled aircraft and autonomous drones to compete in the 2019 SAE Aero Design competition (West-Advanced Class) – Riley Evers, Cameron LaMack, James Lumsden, Sean Nevin, Alexandra Poulakos, Donner Schoeffler, Skyler Tan, and Siraj Zaman
  • Hybrid rocket motor for static fire testing, in advance of 2020 Spaceport America Cup – Joshua Bernardin, Timothy De Vries, Joshua Henrik Fuentes, James Harper, Cole Jetton, Sara Karapetian, Andrea Montes De Oca, Matthew Navarro, Justin Parker, Michael Rea, and Alexander Sasser
  • Plastic repurposing system to create economic opportunities in El Cercado – Meghanne Clark, Joseph Dooling, Marcus Lui, and Kirby Townsend
  • Redesign of Walk‐a‐Bell assisting walker for children with mobility disabilities – Ariana Albiar, Willow Brown, Brandon Nguyen, and Jared Pangelinan
  • Solar‐powered charging station for electric scooter and bike‐share vehicles – Andre Thiele De Leon, Ahmad Khalifeh, Masaki Takamatsu, Charity Waddy, and Richard Walker

Written by communication studies major Jordan Lindsey.