Environmental Science Alum Dives Into Consulting Career

Loyola Marymount University alumna Kimberly Dobbs grew up spending time outdoors and is passionate about nature because of it. Today she’s working to protect nature and all of its crucial resources, and she strives to become a catalyst in the movement towards creating a more sustainable world.

The Denver, Colorado native knew she wanted to pursue a career working on environmental issues when, at a young age, she became aware of many human-imposed threats to her “happy place.”

She’s been working as an environmental scientist at EcoKai Environmental Inc., a small consulting firm in west LA, since May 2019. And she loves it.

“I love the many projects that I’ve been involved in,” Dobbs says. “I get experience in a lot of arenas too—whether it’s writing, research, or field work. It’s a perk of working with a small firm.”

Interning with CRI was her first experience doing scientific research outside of academics, where she conducted field surveys, laboratory work, and report writing for a coastal ecology research project.

“I am so grateful for CRI’s guidance and support, and for getting me involved in such awesome research,” Dobbs says.

She is also grateful for her LMU professors, who piqued her interest in a research career down the road. Some of her interests include marine and aquatic ecosystems, microbiology, and city planning.

A large part of Dobbs current job involves literature-based research to help build proposals regarding environmental solutions to water-related problems.

Outside of her work at EcoKai, she enjoys spending time outdoors and with friends. You can also find Dobbs studying for the Graduate Record Exam. She plans to attend graduate school within the next few years to earn a master’s degree in environmental science and engineering.

Both of Dobbs’ parents also have scientific backgrounds as physicians. She and her older sister would often tag along to their mother’s neurology conferences around the world, and as a result, Dobbs has always loved to travel. In mid-summer, she’d just returned from a trip to Thailand and was planning another trip to France and the Netherlands.

“My parents are really important motivators for me,” Dobbs says. “They are both really hardworking and accomplished and encourage me to do and be my best every day.”