Two Computer Science Majors Utilize Creative Design and Usability in Developing Websites

Two junior computer science majors at LMU are working with a non-profit organization as a research experiment to better understand what allows for usability and accessibility in developing websites.

Talia Bahar and Lucille Njoo spent their summer in the Seaver College Summer Opportunities for Advanced Research (SOAR) program working with the D.K. Kim Foundation, a nonprofit organization affiliated with LMU.

“Our SOAR project has taught us to think outside of the box,” said Bahar and Njoo. “Coming into this project, we were a bit intimidated, but very excited as we both had never worked with a real client before and had never tried to create our own websites, so we did not know what to expect.”

The project “Usability and Accessibility in Modern Web Design,” allows for them to research and test best practices for implementing creative design and user experience in a way that allows for an efficient and effective experience and easily navigable website.

Bahar and Njoo were able to utilize their creativity and artistic abilities as programmers in rebuilding the website.

“We are learning to identify ways in which we take things for granted as well as learning to question those norms,” said Bahar and Njoo.

Bahar and Njoo worked on this project extensively with their faculty mentor, Ray Toal, department chair and professor of computer science and electrical engineering.

“This project enables us to learn from Dr. Toal without the stress or restrictions of ordinary class assignments; we have the freedom to experiment and try new things,” said Bahar and Njoo. “In the end, producing a real product that real people will be engaging with every day is hugely rewarding, and overall a great experience.”