Alum Advice During COVID-19: Alex Hendricks ’18

Dear Seaver Students, 

I know this is a difficult time for you all, especially the seniors who have had the end of their careers at LMU cut a bit short. However, I wish to offer a short story and some words of encouragement for you all in this hard time.  

As a graduate from LMU, I have been able to use the excellent education I have received to start a successful career in the renewable energy industry. I finished my Master’s Degree in Green Technologies from USC in January and began my job search just as the Covid-19 outbreak began in the United States. Searching for a job in this environment was quite difficult, but thanks to the fantastic education I received from LMU, I recently began working with Terra-Gen on energy scheduling for their Voyager Wind project.  

I wanted to share this quick story about my new job to show that even though the job market or future remains very uncertain, know that your LMU Seaver education will open doors for you and help you succeed. Also, use the connections that LMU has to offer to find people working in the industries you’re interested in. You never know who may have an excellent opportunity for you or a chance to try something new. 

Hope you all find success in the uncertain future and Go Lions! 

-Alex Hendricks ’18, Mechanical Engineering