Alum Advice During COVID-19: Dan Boyer ’86

Dear Students,

Know that even though the current situation is very difficult, the future still holds great promise for you. 

Keep working hard to earn your degree, hold onto your dreams, and take advantage of the new opportunities that will surely come your way. 

Back when I was a student at LMU it was my dream to work for NASA on the space program. 

Unfortunately, just as I was about to graduate in 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger accident occurred and all NASA hiring was frozen. 

After graduating from LMU in May, given the bad situation at NASA, I decided to attend graduate school at Virginia Tech.  After two challenging years of graduate studies,  I earned my masters degree.  This time around, my timing was perfect and I landed a job working on the NASA Space Station project – my dream had come true.  So based on my own experience I can say that you should never give up on your dreams, keep working toward them no mater what, and keep looking ahead for the new opportunities that will arise.