Alum Advice During COVID-19: Kim Kellogg ’04

Dear Seaver Students,

I just want to share, that I recall so clearly that time of uncertainty after graduation. I really did not know what to do with myself. My peers seemed to be going on to medical school, pharmacy school or research. Those things didn’t appeal to me. I worked in pharmaceutical research for a bit, and I was miserable. I lost my way career-wise. Then, one day, as I was leaving an interview for a barista job, I had this aha moment. I’d pursued my degree in biochemistry because I loved the science of nutrition and metabolism. During my LMU tour, before I’d even chosen a major, a professor advised me that, given those interests, I should pursue a degree in biochemistry, but plan to go to graduate school. That advise was lost in the shuffle of the undergraduate years until that day when I truly reflected on what had brought me to that point. I applied to graduate school in nutritional sciences that afternoon. I am now incredibly happy and successful in a career as a pediatric clinical dietitian -a career I hadn’t even realized existed until I got back to my passion, and the stars aligned. So I just want to give this advise: Stay true to yourself, and you will find your way.

-Kim (Fahey) Kellogg ’04