Alum Advice During COVID-19: Makeena Elliott ’14

Seaver Students,

What a challenge our world is facing with the current pandemic flooding every newsfeed or conversation and deservedly so as our world is learning how to adapt and respond! It is putting many people under stress, separation anxiety, depression, or financial constraints. It is also bringing out some of the best qualities in people with extensive listening, benefactors, or lending a hand to whatever need arises for someone.

My hope for each and every one of you as you also adapt to distance learning and many of you learning how to exist in your life outside of LMU that you know there is a team of faculty, friends, family, and alumni with open arms to help you whenever you may need a little extra encouragement. Our world needs your generation of smart and intellectual young adults to innovate and solve problems like what we are facing. You are the future doctors who will treat patients. You are the future engineers who will build the infrastructure or design the machines. You are the scientists who will spend hours and hours in the lab to find the next cure. My hope is that you use this as a source of inspiration to study harder and bounce back when this settles itself out. Be good to one another. We need to be more now than ever.

Good luck! You’ve got this!


Makenna Elliott

Biochemistry, Class of 2014