Alum Advice During COVID-19: Donald Turken ’76

Hello Seaver Students,

I encourage the students to learn every day and to teach every day. Difference is an opportunity for both. Go Move Explore Expand Grow. Be aware and be sentient, use your senses.

When times get rough, Stop Breathe Think Act. Always gather your information and make your best decisions knowing you may alter. Play every day; you have to grow up; you do not have to finish.

Stress is a killer so have a solid mechanism to alleviate stress every single day, for most that is physical, but baking and reading is fine, too, just so long as you defray the inevitable stress and maintain close solid friendships without equivocation; ie know you have those relations without doubt, relations of the mind and of the heart. You bring your past to your present and future; enjoy the ride and stay strong and remember we are all of us in this together; we are our sisters and our brothers keepers together.


-Donald Turken ’76