Carlos Cruz ’16 attends SAMMS Program

Carlos Cruz, who will graduate in Spring 2016 with a major in mathematics is participating in the Sampling Advanced Mathematics for Minority Students (SAMMS) Program at The Ohio State University.

Prof. Medina On-Site Director for MSRI-UP REU

herbert medina - Prof. Medina On-Site Director for MSRI-UP REU

Dr. Herbert A. Medina is the 2014 on-site director for the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Undergraduate Program (MSRI-UP, in Berkeley, CA. MSRI-UP is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research … Read more

Construction as a Teaching Tool

Reichenberger Teaching 850 X 440 - Construction as a Teaching Tool

Seaver College of Science and Engineering is using the construction of its new life sciences home as a unique learning opportunity for its civil engineering students. Geotechnical and structural engineering … Read more

Rocket Man

rocketman2 - Rocket Man

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, will launch a supply ship carrying astronaut provisions to the International Space Station perhaps by next year. NASA is counting on the company … Read more